If you are looking for a restaurant in a Masseria in Fasano, to savour tradition in a fairy-tale atmosphere, you are in the right place. Mezzaria is Masseria Borgo Ritella's bistro restaurant, where you can eat well, enjoying the splendid panorama of the olive trees, Fasano and the sea seen from above. In mid air, in fact.


Homemade breakfast

Homemade jams and marmalades, pies, croissants, cakes: Puglia pampers you for breakfast! You can't help but take photos and videos of everything the masseria will offer you!

Brunch, lunches, and dinners in Apulian style

There is no going back from Puglia empty-handed or on an empty stomach. Brunch based on friselle, local tomatoes and olive oil made in the masseria. Lunches reminiscent of those prepared by Apulian grandmothers, with homemade pasta and genuine ingredients. Dinners that look like village festivals, including panzerotti, focaccia, grills. When you are peckish, our Mezzaria restaurant-bistro will satisfy you.




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